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Wood Finishes

Wood finishes are fast drying universal wood stains, easy to apply on wooden surfaces to give various transparent colors. It provides new look to wooden surfaces with excellent penetration and wood protection. It can be over coated with NC Auto Lacquer Clear and PU Clear.

Alkyd Finishes

Is ideally recommended for the protection and decoration of interior, exterior doors and windows fames.

P.U Finishes

Are 2 pack finishes. As they are acrylic based they provide weather fast long lasting wood protection finishes.

N.C Finishes

Are quick drying wood finishes. Used in wood joining and wooden workshop. The quick drying property helps in huge bulk of wooden works to be completed in short time.


Are used in joinery for sticking the wooden sheets together where ever thick sheet is required. National adhesives are fast drying and has high adhesive strength.