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Protective & Industrial Coatings

Protective Coatings are mainly used on steel substrate prevent steel from corrosion. Steel in presence of moisture and oxygen tends to corrode. National Paints Protective Coatings has a vast choice of protective products to protect steel structures from corrosion.

Alkyd - Solvent Based Finishes

A general purpose alkyd-solvent based coatings loaded with anticorrosive pigment for the protection of steel surfaces against the corrosive environments. The product offers good leveling and excellent adhesion on steel substrates which are not immersed in water. Economical coating for medium term corrosion protection.

Chlorinated Rubber Paints

Rubber based topcoat with excellent resistance to water and various chemicals.  It has superior abrasion resistance. It’s recommended for structural steel, marine application, machinery, chemical plants and concrete.

Bituminous Paints

Bituminous coating is physically drying and consisting of selected grade top bituminous coating. It provides excellent resistance to the aggressive action of chlorides, sulphates, and other moisture borne substrates.

Fire Retardant & Intumescent Paints

A special resin based formulations for steel structures with 60-120 minutes fire protection. Intumescent Paints water base is designed for concrete, gypsum and masonry substrates up to 240 minutes fire protection.

Heat Resistant Paints

Heat resistant modified paint for atmospheric exposure conditions an initial minimum temperature of 2000 C to 6000 C . It’s used for steel structure, pipes, power stations high temperature stacks, boilers, engines, exhaust lines, etc. It has excellent adhesion on variety of primers with high lustrous appearance.

Tank Lining

A two pack solvent free amine cured HB epoxy coatings. Having single coat protection for steel structures,ships and storage tanks. It can be used an internal lining for tanks containing petrol, sewage water etc.

Can Coatings

A two pack solvent free amine cured HB epoxy coatings. Having single coat protection for steel structures,ships and storage tanks. It can be used an internal lining for tanks containing petrol, sewage water etc.

Road Marking

Road marking paint is based on combination of special alkyd resin and chlorinated rubber. Its excellent resistance to water, oils and gasoline. Good mechanical and abrasion resistant road marking paint mainly useful for marking roadways, curbstone, traffic crossings, service stations and parking lots.

Intermediates - Top Coats

It is a high performing alkyd based, non-absorbent intermediate coat to provide maximum hold out for the topcoats. It can be applied on interior/exterior surfaces and has very good adhesion. It hides the minor surface imperfections and gives maximum performances to further coatings. It has very good leveling and coverage.

Coal Tar Epoxy Paints

A two pack polyamide cured general purpose high build coal tar epoxy, having relatively long pot life at elevated temperatures. It is also resistant to chemically polluted water and also for many critical applications like underwater areas, cargo tanks, bilges, and sewage disposal plants, tidal, splash zones, for long life protection of steel and concrete structures.

Acrylic & Polyurethane Finishes

Most durable coating with long term gloss retention and protection from UV-radiations. Polyurethane (PU) finishes are applied as Topcoats on Epoxies to protect epoxy coatings from chalking.

Primer and Fillers

Available as single pack and 2 pack epoxy primers loaded with anti corrosive pigments to provide corrosion resistance to steel, galvanized steel etc.


A medium for dilution at the time of application is available for alkyd coatings, P.U coatings, epoxy coatings, NC Paints etc for all type of generic coatings. Thinners are used for the ease of application of the paint. Should be taken in using the right thinner for each type of paint.

Siliconized Acrylic Sealant

National Siliconized acrylic sealant is a single component, silicone modified acrylic latex caulk which can be used to meet a variety of sealing needs. It is characterized by its high performance and quick curing,  flexible and low odor and paintable film. It has excellent adhesion well to glass, wood, metal, porcelain, cement surfaces, ceramic tile, rubber and painted surfaces.