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Decorative Paints

We have a wide range of eco-friendly products that are ideal for today’s environment. Our low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) water based coatings have created a niche for themselves in the construction field across the GCC and other parts of the world due to their outstanding coating attributes.


Expressions is a new family of products that creates a distinctive feature or quality which accentuates, contrasts with, or complements a decorative style for your walls. With a wide range of textures and styles to suit your taste, Expressions provides all that you need to turn any home from a simple space into a piece of art. Accessorize your walls and let your senses be inspired by the astonishing touches this line has to offer. 


Trust paint is used as odorless water based interior decorative coating developed to prevent bacterial & fungal growth.Hygienic is combination of odorless and silver ion technology. The silver ions are weather and thermally stable with 10 years protection. 

Emulsions Finishes

National water based paints (Emulsions) are environmentally friendly (Low VOC),based on high quality pure acrylic and copolymer emulsion.

Shield Coatings

National Shield Coatings are based on 100% pure acrylic emulsion, providing smooth and texture coatings. They have excellent adhesion, water resistance, anti-carbonation, crack bridging ability, durability, long lasting, non-yellowing, alkali resistance, low dirt pick-up and excellent UV protection.

Textured Coatings

National Texture Coatings are 100% pure acrylic or acrylic copolymer based textures specially designed to give a long lasting aesthetic look to old and new surfaces. Various texture designs like fine, medium ,coarse as well as synplast and graffio decor finishes are available. 

Tile System

National Tile System products are available in both water based Eco friendly  version and solvent based  full epoxy system. This is one of the best  system recommended for exterior concrete protection. It increases life of the wall giving advocate protection to it  for many more  years.

Stone Finish

An acrylic and natural stone based   decorative coating that creates natural stone such as antique and elegant finish. Highly weather resistant and durable, Enhance beauty and maintains the building for many years.

Water Proofing

National Polydex and National Hypalon are water and solvent based systems respectively. They provide a flexible and elastomeric Impermeable seamless membrane with excellent adhesion. They are highly resistant to water, moisture and UV radiation. The water proofing coatings are designed to absorb the possible dimensional movement caused by the contraction and expansion of surfaces.

Spray Plaster

National Spray Plaster is pre blended single component ready to use plaster based on specially modified emulsion polymer. It does not contain any chloride admixtures.

Tinting System

Choosing the right color is very important for any paint job where it is at home or office. Color can help you emphasize or diminish the architectural features of your room. National Computerized colors tinting system is the latest advanced technology designed to help mix and match around 20,000 colors, it is one of the most effective ways to color and decorate your surrounding today.